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"Wise men speak because they have something to say. Fools speak because they have to say something."

[ Slave Love writings goddess worship]

Financial Domination Fetish AdmirationSlaveRetard sends his undeniable LOVE of worship in an email after months of being away even while worshiping other dommes.......

[ How a FinancialDomination slave doubts turned into confidence]

how a financialdomination slave doubts turned into confidenceYou were once a victim and then decided that financial slavery just doesn't seem to fit into your fetish Lifestyle.......

[ How Princess Simone slim slender legs proves your addiction]

how princess simone slim slender legs proves your addictionWhat a pleasant surprise to see Princess Simone's clips4sale studio hit high at number three (#3). There's nothing like authentic proof when you just happen to see a domme say to herself her content is doing really well......

[ How Financial Domination soothes you]

how financial domination soothes youFinancial Domination is one of the most sensitive fetishes in the Femdom industry that make many tend to shy away from. According to observation over the years, submissive slaves hate the idea of a dominant domme as they term it......

[ Get your fetish vip membership soon!]

get your fetish femdom membershipYour anticipating the arrival of the "new" fetish VIP membership section. OMG it's going to be VERY exciting offering a MORE robust navigation feel......

[ Ebony Foot Fetish improvements]

ebony mistress princessGreat updates for you foot fetish soles, toes & feet worship Simonster Fans! Your navigation experience just got better, simply structured & easy on the eyes to have MORE fun with.....

[ Follow me : black femdom Princess Simone]

ebony mistress princessYou love to keep up on blog-updates about your favorite black femdom fetish Princess, indeed. It's been a while since I posted here because I tend to get bored. Therefore it's not like how it used to be before twitter entered the industry. The good news is that twitter offers what they call a "mini blog" platform which contains a limited number of 140 characters per line....

[ Femdom Drama : huh?]

financial domination giftsYou've been wondering what happened to the last dramatic situation the beautiful SpoiledBlackPrinces encountered. Well, let's just say its been a very long time somewhere around 2011. You know the REALprincessSimone blog. Therefore, is it really true that black dommes are unable to get along?....

[ Financial domination gifts]

financial domination giftsSeeking to belong to a beautiful black femdom of your wildest desires? Of course, who wouldn't....

[ Black femdom financial domination slave]

financial domination femdomYour wondering how do slaves become Spoiled Black Princess Simone financial domination money slave. No really, the successful ones. If you happen to send me a contact...

[ Black femdom Princess Simone]

financial domination fetishIt is now 2012 finally a new beginning and also an opportunity to reflect back on twelve months of what was experienced. Every year ought to get better and better and yes I wouldn't have it any other way!..

[ Black Femdom Sex Life]

cuckold black mistressYou been wondering where is Princess Simone? It's been quiet for the past couple weeks and months. Well it's a combination of school, holidays and personal dating. Umm do they call it in the terms of 'vanilla lifestyle' lo..

[ Your exclusive V.I.P black femdom membership]

ebony money mistressYou are the most luckiest amongst them all as you find an email containing a V.I.P. pass to enter Princess Simone's ultimate membership section of foot fetish hypnosis male domination..

[ How to get a rea time session ]

pro dommeWhat exactly is a real-time-session for those of you who may not know? Its mostly termed by the word Pro Domme (professional dominatrix) who allows submissive slaves to indulge in specific fetishes that pleases her dominance exclusively between her and servants like you..

[ Ebony Foot Fetish Clips you been looking for is finally yours ]

toilet humiliationYou tried this niteflirt , then looked at the other independent clips option and you have no patience so you ran over to clips4sale because there's no creating an account or having to sign into one.

[ How to succeed as a financial domination slave ]

toilet humiliationYou couldn't care less about financial domination because to you it's just a bunch of fetish femdoms holding their hand out begging for money everywhere you turn.

[ Financial Black Femdom Male Humiliation ]

toilet humiliationYou are wondering who this servant of scum may be to serve black femdom spoiled black princess. Perhaps you may feel tempted to become owned and enjoy savoring the moment of humiliation just like this piece of shit.

[ Simone talks about you! ]

OMG who are you and why are you here so much? Why do you care to be a Simonster Fan with so many black femdom idols to worship? Hmm Simone discovers a weak spot and now it is right about time to expose it.

[ Ebony Foot Fetish Femdom ]

Niteflirt Yea? What ever happen to the foot fetish clips customers like myself could download from my niteflirt account? I know, many of you are such loyal account-holders that Princess Simone redone her entire platform to accommodate exactly what you crave. Lucky you that I have added a hot bonus in the membership section where you can listen to all my hypnosis mp3's without having to download them from your computer from this page "here"
  • YOU become a useful & devoted extension to narcissistic GRANDIOSITY, erotic TORTURE, & SCANDALOUS degradation entertaining & pleasing me.
  • Accepting You into my realm of excessive ornamentation & goddess worship idolatry, you gladly lavish me doing your best because I am SO worth it.
  • You want nothing more than to satisfy the insatiable greedy cravings these onyx eyes seek to attain at your expense & in return you are rewarded with nothing but humiliation cruelty surrounding financial domination, hypnosis & foot fetishes.
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  • financial dominationBravo! Your knowledge & understanding about my money slavery philosophies prepares you to successfully get to meet me on on the other side of these doors as you confidently know that:

    Financial Domination is the act of consensual psychological humility in the form of a willing submissive gaining arousal or erotic pleasure. A dominant Goddess takes control through specific humiliation triggers primarily through her financial pleasure keeping you addicted & loving it!

    It is "I", the ultimate wetdream - your infinite desire - the epitome of black femdom supremacy in all of its flawless perfection - the immortal ebony goddess ....

    money mistress


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Once upon a time there was a pathetic bitch scum-of-bitch who was absolutely addicted to my latex collection that he would do ANYTHING to keep me happy. I would intentionally wear latex just to manipulate him and keep him hooked.

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You, my elite slave defines:

Financial Black Femdom
  • Often Imitated, never duplicated. Except no substitute, worship the one and only
    The REAL Simone