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“They call her the lady of the night that no one can change. She’s a woman of the world as shadows dance upon the wall and fade at dawn. She’s no beginner this lady of the night. Never try that funny stuff because this lady can be tough. Be warned!”
Donna Summer
AFROglam Chronicles of A SpoiledBlackPrincess .
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Burberry Gift 4 Her

Adding up all the fine quality burberry gifts I received by my narcissisticTOOLs. You are very welcomed!

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Hermes Paris Gift

Randomly I get surprise gifts by one of my private narcTOOLs who sends me one of my favorite upscale pieces ...

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Lingerie Gifts

Wolford and Victoria Secret gifts sent by one of my narcTOOLs. You are very welcomed!

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Cash 4 Goddess

Cash 4 Goddess : Your life becomes amazing when putting all your cash into my hands. It's the only way, ...

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Bullion Gifts

One of the best gifts I enjoy receiving are from my intelligent investment slaves who give me presents in the ...

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Foodporn gram breakfast

Foodporn gram breakfast

Who would ever say not to a delicious breakfast with gram churches and fruit?
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Converse Fetish

Converse Fetish

Converse fetish is a huge hobby of mine as I enjoy most variety of colors as gifts. I've updated my...
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GoddessWorship Perfume

GoddessWorship Perfume

narcTool spoils me with a pretty shiny bottle of lux scent. 
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Foodporn Worship

Foodporn Worship

Decided to head out and eat a few good things off the menu of cheating. One of my narcTOOLs called...
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Foodporn Kale Sandwich

Foodporn Kale Sandwich

What a delicious bundle of foodporn vegan kale and sandwich mix I enjoy showing you all.  Are you hungry? Yes...
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Happy Yellow flowers

Happy Yellow flowers

There's just something about the color yellow that puts me in such a happy mood. You are very welcome to...
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