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Goddess Worship
Plant Nursery

Latex upskirt panties

GODDESS PRINCESS SIMONE teases you in her sexy dominatrix attire making your cock go wild and your mind into fuck mode. Go ahead fuckerrrrrrr stroke that cock as your balls are owned and under control only by me!

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Love addiction 4 cock

(((HYPN0TIX))) Now, IMAGINE how fucked up your gay experience gets when giving the chance to be pushed, stretched and humiliated to the point of no return. You will suck fat cocks until there’s gagging projectile-vomit spraying out your windpipe all in exchange for my luxury at your expensive.


You could just work and hand over the cash, perhaps that 401k or put me on your life insurance. Well we’ll talk about that another time but until now, what I enjoy most is for a cock sucking faggot to blow dicks like a whistle for Goddess.

You are so grateful for the opportunity to blow your jaws like bubblegum in serving me so you better get as much practice as you can because you’ve got a long contract in spoiling me bitch!




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Meszrotic Cock

(((HYPN0TIX))) Now, IMAGINE because you’ve already gone past taking BIG BLACK COCKS on your pallet and up your ass, the feeling of intensifying it is 10xs wider and longer when the Pimpstress INSPIRES your new future plan to upgrade. You’re in this for life as your contract in serving me will NEVER end.

This is the LIFESTYLE you are born to embrace as you are taken further down the path of DICK guzzling ANACONDA sizes. Why are you doing this to me GODDESS? BECAUSE I am heartless, selfish and obsessed for power AT YOUR EXPENSE. It is the only way and it is I who controls the direction of deciding where and what you do for ME!

Lavished in HIGH END jewelry and FURs, you consistently look at where all your hard money is spent, never grumbling nor complaining. You enjoy being my TOOL as I take, use and abuse in the recycling of your pathetic existence. 



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