Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

of A SpoiledBlackPrincess

Q. Frequently Asked Question: Finally, how would I be able to get in contact with you?

A. First of all, my labeled CONTACT tab from the website menu offers a drop-down list-page of options. Depending on what you are looking for, you must 1st read carefully if what you seek is in alignment to my short introduction above the contact form on each page.

Q. Frequently Asked Question: The specific fetish(es) I am looking for, I can’t find on your site. How would I be able to know if you are into what I seek?

A. Most of all, the main 3 fetishes I offer surrounds Financial Domination, Erotic Hypnosis and Foot Fetish. When you are scanning through my DOWNLOAD tab off the menu via clips / mp3’s, there’s a search bar on that specific page that will pull up phrases you typed in that will match my vids or hypno content. Just in case you are not able to find anything indexed from the site means I don’t and won’t offer it. I am not interested in catering to every fetish as I only offer a specific specialization category of what I love most.

Q. Frequently asked Question: I’d love to take you out to breakfast, lunch, dinner sometime. I’m not into this fetish thing, just found you online and find you to be fascinating and very attractive. I’d like to get to know you personally. I am in no way rich or expected to shell out cash like any of these weirdos. I’m just a laid back guy with lots to offer. What are your thoughts, I hope there’s a chance for me?

A. Absolutely NOT and NEVER.

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