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What a Money Domme does known as Money Slavery is a dominant female fetish life-stylist who attracts submissive males such as pay pigs, cash cows and human atm's in giving cash and gifts willingly. The relation may often be accompanied by other practices of BDSM or erotic humiliation surrounding FootFetish and HypnoDomination.

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Being a Financial Female in this particular field is strictly about offering platonic corporate punishment based on Total power Exchange. Therefore, there is absolutely no prostitution in the artwork of Findom entertainment. We can both agree we would not enjoy ourselves if we both are not enjoying this fetish together me Dominant & you submissive. Now, crawl right in DARLING!.

How a FinancialDomination slave doubts turned into confidence

You were once a victim and then decided that financial slavery just doesn’t seem to fit into your fetish Lifestyle.

If you hear one more domme scream about cheap slaves or time wasters, your going to break through the temptation to create a personal blog about how many of them just need to STFU!

Your sick and tired of aggressive sales pitches like “buy my clips” to cliche phrases like ” fuck-you-payme” that totally has nothing  to do with want you desire or even asked for! Geesh…

Your screaming in your head “What about me!” while trying to craft it in such a way to not offend a Femdom but come on, this industry segment just sucks! What you really WANT is an irresistible Goddess that’s got her shit together. One who can UNDERSTAND your specific cravings as the two of you grow in harmony.

Of course your not expecting anyone to be perfect just as much as you wouldn’t want high expectations projected onto you as a money-slave either. In other words, you will not submit to just any bullshit that doesn’t fit who you are.

And until you do, you will give her the world and worship the ground she walks upon because she knows you well. Oh how you searched the universe for this woman! “Please Princess I need this in my life!”

Here’s what curious Wxxx (name hidden for privacy purposes) said:


Princess Simone understands how frustrating this can be when bombarded with endless promos in our inbox even outside of fetish domination unrelated to our desires. Slave-Wxxx asked a remarkable question that most likely made him feel hopeless and disgusted  quote on quote,

“Why do I get ignored after I pay for someones messenger then say that I talk too much yet you cash princesses promote too much!!!”

Every feature is not worth investing in if it doesn’t work for a domme yet many  are just using conventional know-how adopted by domination ethics from the outdated past. Therefore, it’s not your fault that your confused and inflamed about not executing your goals. Also, I can tell in your angry email that you find it “rare” that a Mistress is not interacting with you & building a relationship  BEFORE throwing promotions in your face.

Thats where SpoiledBlackPrincess comes in to reduce your anxiety offering social platforms as an outlet to help you gain the confidence you need and ITS FREE!

I don’t suggest as a highlight to anyone to purchase my messenger ID’s just to be on the list then pay more for conversation. NO WAY! A resourceful tool like twitter, or a community platform is way easier that way you and I both can have fun & you can get ALL the resources you need to align to “your” wants accurately.

Get your suggestions, comments, or feedback automatically sent here to my  contact page.  An extreme positive impact on receiving your concerns will improve Princess Simones fetish-artwork dramatically for your navigation experience.   Thank you to my dedicated fans as always XoXo


Seeking to belong to a financial domination money mistress of your wildest dreams? Not just any findom but a strong black and beautiful ebony femdom. Meet SpoiledBlackPrincess, one of the most sophisticated fetish models on the world wide web. Not your average Princess Lady who wears sheer pantyhose stockings when showing of her sexy ebony foot fetish worship soles and toes. Rather, nothing but the finest of high end elite designer embellishments as I reassure you that Princess Simone is 100% real and ready to rape wallets. SimoneSpoiledBlackPrincess allows cash cow, paypig human atm submissive slaves to financially splurge pamper and adore ebony perfection right before their eyes. It is such great privilege to support all of her wants needs and desires without grudgingly holding back as financial domination is the very act of willingly giving to support my personal cause. Find it difficult to be apart of this? Well then, money slavery is not fit for everyone therefore one must be financially stable enough to indulge in such a fetish as this. Broke and disgusted slaves will not in any no way be apart of this cash site. A lady, a polished Princess as I will be respected and pampered to the fullest from intelligent humiliation slaves who enjoy being dominated by black femdom money mistress Simone. So lucky to be captivated by three main fetishes in foot fetish, hypnosis and Money slavery ebony princess style and there is no other way outside of it designed specifically for love sick degradation pigs who simply aim for the thrill of being drained dry. MoneySlavery and hypnotic mind control feels so good yes I know because of the way you keep clicking all over the place looking for direction and guidance from a black money princess. A maggot fagot and stupid moron that you always where meant to be will always be lurking to be pulled in so effortlessly by this gorgeous spoiled bratty queen. Dominant mistress Simone is here for some good old fashion financial slavery so get the wallet ready loser! No time to be fucking around on this ebony diva. Serious piggies need only reply. Cocky bastards will feel the wrath so there's no need in challenging this realm of goddess worship, move along and find what works for ya. BlackFinancialDomination is all about my foot going up your ass demanding what belongs to me and that is why hypno money slavery is one of the perfect mechanisms to push buttons. Geldherrinnen is such a hilarious PussyWallet sport ruined by blackmail and other humiliation methods. Worship pamper spoil adore by allowing yourself to surrender, submit and sacrifice to accommodate any and all in its entirety including your dignity and worthless time at your expense.Hypno domme content contains a wide variety of taboo fetishes in the form of hypnotic, erotic and subliminal soundGASM mp3's pertaining to forced bi black cock, sissy feminization, smoking, and other humiliation debauchery delights. Soles, toes, fancy foot fetishes nylons stockings socks high heels pumps trampling giantess crush custom fetish cinema movies to download. Oh your going to fall in love weak whiteboy. Before entering fill your pockets plentiful, its going to be a long journey for you. Belonging to SpoiledBlackPrincess Simone reflects back that a financially stable submissive servant has excellent taste in beautiful women of high class, style and elegance. Therefore, you are a reflection to her mirroring back as being a well refined, highly polished and sophisticated complex TOOL utilized as a robotic- atm royal- seat cushion human- ashtray.