Lifestyle of A SpoiledBlackPrincess


Discrete Elegant Specialized


Surrounding 11yrs of Financial Domination, Erotic Hypnosis & Foot Fetish


  • Nationality:Black redbgflag
  • Birth place:America
  • Stats:36C
  • Hair color:Black
  • Eye colour: Onyx
  • Height: 5’8″
  • Weight: 149lb
  • Shoe size:9usa
  • Diet:Vegan 93%
  • Icon:DonnaSummer
  • Style:Glamour
“They call her the lady of the night that no one can change. She’s a woman of the world as shadows dance upon the wall and fade at dawn. She’s no beginner this lady of the night. Never try that funny stuff because this lady can be tough. Be warned!”
Donna Summer

Now, because you’ve entered into GODDESS SIMONE

DIVINE’s findom financial domination realm of self-absorbed malignant love, you are grateful to become a useful devoted extension to narcissistic GRANDIOSITY, erotic TORTURE and scandalous DEGRADATION from her bedazzling claws of fire & ice. You are only put on this earth to serve ME, a TOOL, as I exploit your weaknesses to MY advantage accomplishing the ultimate rush, FINANCIAL DOMINATION. Cashing in on your inferior-FOOLISHNESS through effective SUPERIOR FEMININE sorcery is the most amusing released orgasm ever felt. You delight in this CRUEL and beautiful reinforcement as your way of life.

Why I’m Here

2004, I became bored with the outside world then stumbled into the fetish industry after leaning about the queen who open doors for us all, Princess Sierra. From there, I hopped on the bandwagon to fulfill my fun advantage of male-domination. 


What I Offer

Provide my passion in the arts of profiting from the weak male-libido revolving psychological and emotional love addiction hypnotic triggers with a merged twist  in showing off my tall slender legs, arched soles and beautiful brown cocoa skin. 

Royal Prerogatives :  

Graphic Web Designing EliteDLLC-Designs.com Vegan Foodporn TheVeganBlogUpdates Natural Curls Goddess YourHairPornObsession Hike Photography HikerBikerChick
Find me on one of my projects I’ve designed at the Ebony Direcotry of Phone Fetish Dominant Dommes:  FemdomOfColor.com the trusted merchant platform brought to you by niteflirt. A variety of dominatrixes online and professional offline experts. My diet consist of 95% herbivore foods surrounding raw fruits, veggies, beans, and nuts that I put inside my body. I would not say I am strictly a veganist because I’m a lover of fur coats and designer leathers. I don’t plan on gving up any of these gifts anytime soon and happy to share my honesty about it.   My mom Black,my Dad Black-and-Native Indian, my ethnic hair type has about 3 unique afro curly coils from lose to tight. You’ll be able to get amazing views of my wet Hairporn shower portraits & vine updates to see before and after preparations and styles I’m a lover of the outdoors breathing in nature’s fresh air and admiring the color wheel of life. I enjoy taking random snap shots of streams, flowers, hillsides and skies. You’ll get to view my shared passion from my chronicles session. 


I am the Goh-GLAMOUR natural SOUL SISTAH eliTIST CAPITALIZING off the backs of FINANCIALLY STABLE MADMEN. ENTITLEMENT, ROYALTY & REPARATIONS are your biblical daily affirmations TITHING the sacred LIFESTYLE and LUXURY of THEE GODDESS SIMONE SpoiledBlackPrincess.

Goddess Simone
MOST say I favor the legendary DONNA SUMMER as it is such a coincidence, that when growing up, this woman was my iconic idol. I never imagined I would blossom to resemble similar characteristics physically and fashionably. DARLING, frequencies of GLAM knows exactly how to find each other. The universe works so amazingly in MY FAVOR both looking like twins. It’s such an honor being complimented as a reminder to her famous branding. I used to put on my mother’s sparkle gowns and imitate all her stage performance moves, daydreaming to be like her. Now, here’s your DOMINATRIX celebrity version DARLINGs!

GODDESS PRINCESS SIMONE’s happiness is your APHRODISIAC. Would you be surprised that your identity is officially rewritten to function as an instrument, mechanism, lever, switch, utensil: narcissisticTOOL? Only a FOOL would miss out on this EXPERIENCE.

You’re NOTHING special to me in considering the thought of appreciating human life. l absolutely lack the ability to identify what its like to be FREAKS of your kind nor an inclination to explore it because I’m too absorbed owning the SUPREMACIST crown. Exchanging porridge to peasants as the PRINCESS PROFITS your labored PAY, extraordinary skilled submissives are hand selected in mirroring the official OPULENT narcTOOL badge I proudly parade. Goddess Simone

I am your BELOVED oxygen of survival wanting nothing more than the BEST for the ONE & ONLY not having it any other way. This makes you an UNSTOPPABLE force when it comes to my WANTS NEEDS & DESIRES.

Goddess Simone Goddess Simone indulge HIGH END debauchery delights at your EXPENSE because you look simply pathetic loving yourself. What a waste! I on the other end look far too FABULOUS sipping my favorite Armand De Bringnac CHAMPAGNE. To the collection of hoarding happiness, I am a connoisseur of fine wine and colorful tropic cocktails I personally put together in my CHIC brick-signature CONDO. Bottle’s in abundance are a MUST HAVE to display in my pristine-crystal bar area for entertainment. Now, IMAGINE what would happen when I run low. My leather boot goes up your ass & we wouldn’t want that!

I’m SO much BETTER than your wife owning EVERYTHING you stole from her all in the name of sacrificial OBSESSION and LOYALTY.

Precious metals, shiny gemstones, timeless watches and vintage jewelry means EVERYTHING glittery in my world. I love shopping & private event networking at CARTIER, HERMES JAEGER-LE COULTRE, VACHERON CONSTANTIN and collecting rare 1920’s-1930 ‘s costume pieces. OH MY GAWD, you’re so EXCITED to run your ass out there and await my response once you found the PERFECT piece for my upcoming event. You’re so LUCKY to have found ME! You are seen as having excellent taste in EBONY women that you simply can not stand another second in not gathering the balls to serve me.
Goddess Simone

Now who told you, I wanted your MONEY? Just BECAUSE you have it means you are still positioned to CRAWL before I allow you to walk. SELECTIVE, PICKY, and BOSSY, you have less than 9 seconds to arouse ME monkey!

Goddess Simone
You learn boy, GODDESS SIMONE makes no room for the mundane as she’s well taken care of by her visa mastercard ZOMBIE TOOLs. The gifts continue to CASCADE with an assembly line of colorful Mink, Norwegian, Chinchilla REAL FURs from my favorite UPSCALE Neiman Marcus boutique. Most of all, I am so fucking SPOILED and MY speed of GREED is infinite!

You get it ALL for me BECAUSE that’s your function, a TOOL to be used, an automatic MECHANISM for the LABOR of LOVE.

DARLING, most are CRAZED over Goddess Simone NATURAL KINKY AFRICAN & NATIVE INDIAN COILY CURLS. My WAVY TRESSES are my unique signature as I take PRIDE in parading length retention and SHINE. This is true GODDESS WORSHIP at it’s finest. IMAGINE how perfect my sex life is without worrying about a weave having to fall off LOL. My hair smells AMAZING washing it every so often just so you all can stare at my PERFECTION. Only and imbecile would let all this slip away.
Goddess Simone


Final Intoxicating Ramblings of A SpoiledBlackPrincess

Who is Spoiled Black Princess? Some call her Princess Simone others pull it all together as SpoiledBlackPrincess Simone. Either which way I am the REAL Simone, as a spoiled-black-princess. Think you can handle that? Perhaps it all depends on how the term s.p.o.i.l.e.d is projected.

Think about it like this, if spoiled was removed and all that’s left is “black princess” would that dilute the intimidation for some of you non-related financial domination submissives out of the equation? If you answered yes, then sorry to bust your bubble. Not exactly. “Princess” still keeps the meaning intact.

Imagine a black-princess calling herself just that but she expects little or nothing. What would be the point of whats being done here? What would even you expect if you stumbled across a ebony female and she told you to refer to her as a p.r.i.n.c.e.s.s. You get the picture.

Simone is not some average dominant domme online looping you in circles to hand over money with predictable cliche-catch-phrases and symbols such as

  • Loser “L” signs
  • Bratty humiliation
  • Extreme vulgar language to get a point across

She is all about grandiosity, excessive ornamentation, power, control, capitalism, a more complex sophistication only intelligent slaves are able to get access to.

If you believe you have what it takes to enter into my realm, then you happily except becoming not a puppet or pet, away with brat labels.

Rather, you are a narcissistic extension in what I define myself by. You are a refined, polished, and flawless tool utilized as human:

  • levers
  • switches
  • utensils

Have I ever to indulge in tasteless rusty screws, nuts & bolts nor do I settle for mechanical mediocrity. What I put out into the universe comes right back to as I accept nothing but what’s best for me making you a narcissisticTOOL!  You only know this by observation in  :

  1. how I carry myself
  2. what I surround myself with
  3. last but not least, who I interact with

I am a alpha femdom allowing goodbest, EXCELLENT submissive servants to exclusively connect with me and be honored in being used but most of all I have a weakness for “showing off” my shiny toys to the world. That is one of the greatest rewards you can ever receive.

As an intelligent conversationalist, you and I will be exchanging many aspects of financial domination and how it plays into any of the weaknesses you crave surrounding:

and many other male degradation debauchery delights.

It’s all about me, my happiness, needs, wants and desires fulfilled and accomplished. With that said, I am not for everyone because distant admiration as a Simonster-Fan alone serves no purpose to my money slavery indulgences.

One may ponder, “Seems difficult to serve this beautiful black domme, I may not have much to offer? Well, I will let you in on the secret to success you can keep with you for the rest of your life. Its not about who can, it’s about who “will”. You are here because you want to, however you are chosen because I choose you to be.