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Goddess Worship
Plant Nursery
Sataniclly Possessed
Satans contaminated demon seeds are released into your cursed blood. You are possessed and used as Lucifer's fuck hole instrument
* EROTICHYPNOSIS, * hypnotix-forcedbi
, ,
Lucifer Semen Spell
Used as an instrument for sexual rituals, the dark Father of hell puts you under a deep spell for semen
* EROTICHYPNOSIS, * hypnotix-forcedbi
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Demonic Cockworshiper
Once upon a time there was a queer fag who kept to himself until Satan call out to his soul.
* EROTICHYPNOSIS, * hypnotix-forcedbi
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Santnic JOI Ritural
The demons summon you to perform and perfect Satan's semen ritual as the portal gates of hell opens itself to
* EROTICHYPNOSIS, * hypnotix-masturbation
Nothing gets in your way as you push aside any obstacles to clean pussy stuffed full of cum by your
* EROTICHYPNOSIS, * hypnotix-forcedbi
There's nothing you can and will do to stop what compels your throat to crave cock. >[expand title="MORE ABOUT LENGTH"]
* EROTICHYPNOSIS, * hypnotix-forcedbi
99.99% of male swine will eat their own cum after experiencing a taste of my soundGASM. You gain a more
* EROTICHYPNOSIS, * hypnotix-cei
You are SO fucked! The feeling has never been so real until I came into your life reminding you of
* EROTICHYPNOSIS, * hypnotix-forcedbi
There is NOTHING masculine about you as I am your maker, creator & destroyer RESPONSIBLE for what I molded you
* EROTICHYPNOSIS, * hypnotix-feminization